Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Beyonce - Diva (Official Music Video)

SO..... Yes I'm back on the Beyonce tip everyone, now don't get me wrong I do love the girl, she sexy as hell, pretty as hell and talented as hell, but really again this track does not meet Edgy Gareth Pugh!!! I am super happy that Gareth Pugh has an international star wearing his pieces, but I'm still not feeling the fact that B is wearing these clothes, only because I personally feel she isn't ready for these spectacular pieces of clothing, I'm sorry IT still doesn't work for me B, maybe if you did some type of electric POP maybe even hard house music, I could get where you are going, but this Almost crunk type music isn't cutting it for me!!!! Please consult a real stylist that can help capture your style for your music Miss Lady!!!! Again only my opinion but this is still a not everything you see you must purchase situation xxx

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