Thursday, 8 January 2009



OMG how fresh it this????????? I am going to have to purchase this SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHitttttt!!!!

Plated brass Margiela hospital band bracelet with inscription on the front. Closed bracelet slips on.

Margiela’s distinctively eccentric style is demonstrated in this unusual but beautifully created piece.

100% Brass

Diameter of bracelet 7cm, this is to cold only because I loved being in hospital when I was a kid, and found the hospital to band to be DOPE AS HELL even when I was a Child, don't ask me why I was and still am weird like that, always thought to myself how dope it would be if you could turn this into a piece of jewellery, and Margiela who is one of my Favourite designers at the moment as one can be a little fickle in who I like at times, but yeah I guess had I of made this idea come to life years ago I would have had my own signature piece of Jewellery but they beat me to it the Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrstards never mind I'm not going hate just going to in the words of V Francois CASUALLY PURCHASE hee he!!!!

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