Thursday, 8 January 2009

Nicholas Kirkwood Lattice Front Peep Toe

So I have real Obsession with shoes like most women do, but I think my Obsession goes beyond. like I physically want to marry them and if I could have babies with a shoe I would LOL OK that's a little extreme but hey if I had shoes as babies that means I would have more shoes, OK I'm freaking you out... Anyway Nicholas Kirkwood is an amazon designer YES indeed I said Amazon because the shoes are super sick, like they make me stare at them for like five hours or more because the shoe has some type of space ship situation going on, like ET phone Home and bring me back another pair of shoes already!!!! Anyway Ladies you need to cop a pair of these, WHY? Because I said so, but only if you know how to dress with these babies of course, with these shoes you don't have to go too hard on the attire keep it casual but effective!!!!!

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Styliiista said...

omiiigawd! I loveee nicholas kirkwood. HOTness!!!! so so fly! you are so hilarious girlie... (marry the shoes to have shoe babies) *laughing* haaa! xox!