Thursday, 30 April 2009

NO B NO!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Okay so B has done it again, I know I'm really hard on her but can you blame me I still love you though??? But Bey Stop, Why, Why do you keep doing this, you get it so close to almost being right, then you somehow flop in the mitt's of things GEEZ And Peas!!! OK the vest top is nice and clean, and the J Brand Jeans are dope but one is so over the slashed jeans they have been super played out by Celebrities, and once again this look does not suit her. She wore the wrong boots with the jeans for a start, YSL cage boots cut her ankles off which make her look short and frumpy. Bey should have probably worn a shoe boot like the example I have shown with the model wearing them, or even a pair of low cut Converse pumps, the hair is a mess and then she is trying to pull off this Asbo rock chick hat which doesn't match the hairstyle because she has way too much hair going on!!! Oh and she is carrying the wrong hand bag too, come on B get it together all this money and still can't dress well OH dear like your Hubby say's you can't buy class LOL!!!!! The jeans are $218, you can see the jeans at YSL £905 Shoes are available at

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Styliiista said...

LOL! I would never, ever in a million years rock those cage boots with a pair of frouzy denim. It's almost like she needed a dark denim wash, super skinny, tucked into the cage boot. What is it? The denim color sucks, she looks mad country. Euw! lol