Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Rihanna Looks Dope Again In London!!!

Yes, yes I know there are a few haters out there that don't like Rih, because she is SUPER fly, but FYI she has a great Stylist who controls her every look, now to be fair most Music Artists do. If I remember correctly when Rihanna first come out with that Bubble Gum almost trying to be girl next door Long weave look with a Beyonce type vibe going on, which for me was super duper lame, one has to say I am very happy she hired a Stylist to switch her look up, I realise she can look super Contrived at times, but let's face it most of you Music Artists do anyway, always trying too hard to look edgy or different and always look OOOOOOOOOOOOOvvvvvver styled in my eyes, so if Rihanna is going to try her best to separate herself from being called Beyonce, and really has NO idea how to dress herself, well it keeps people like me and every other stylist relevant in our jobs, so don't hate the Artist hate on the stylist if you like, we don't care we create ART, get exposure for it and paid for it at the end of the day (NOT THAT ITS REALLY ABOUT THE MONEY BUT IT HELPS) And we can stay in the background because know one will ever know who we are or what we look like!!!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, if she didn't change up her style would she even stay relevant in the game anymore? Nope I think not, anyway we all know she has a stylist and so what if she does, she obviously needed one get your Swagg on Rih Rih!!

Anonymous said...

YES, I have to honestly say I agree with you. I am a Stylist too so whatever can get our creative aspects seen why not, that's what they hire us for here her for this post!!!