Wednesday, 24 February 2010


On the 16TH of February two days left until Fashion week is over, I’m making my way to the Diesel Black Gold show. Looking casual like a traditional farmers wife, wearing my chunky purple scarf, big coat and Wellington boots, thinking damn it’s cold and the snowstorm hasn’t stopped yet, but thinking at the same time nothing is going to stop me now. I finally get to the doors at Diesel Black Gold, and then into my seat, looking around the room admiring the ambiance noticing this is truly an Edgy Diesel Black Gold vibe, from the stone washed flooring to the Brick white washed walls. Ready and waiting for the lights to dim for the first model to make an appearance, the lights slowly go out, and then the lights came on again with a flash, the first model walks through, with what it looks like carved metal cave behind her. The collection consists of Denim of course, leather, PVC, Jump suits, Biker Jackets, jersey cottons, Plaid shirts, Military Jackets, distressed army boots, and ankle boots with metal studded straps. The male Models hair was slightly roughed up, and the females models hair was tucked in the collar of shirts and jackets, giving that I just casually threw on my clothes and stepped out the door but still looking effortlessly sexy situation. Make-up was natural and flawless and had that girl next-door freshness. Considering Diesel Black Gold is renowned to be the Edgy brand, there was freshness about this collection due to the stone washed denim, with the light stony creams and grey colour palettes. Overall the show left me feeling like I was a sexy hot teenager, feeling confident with a strong energy, just casually walking on the streets of New York without a care in the world, Diesel Black Gold definitely has that young free spirit factor about it, but isn’t that a good thing?


Anonymous said...

Man I wished I went to this show, how do you get to get tickets for shows please help me out!!! Oh by the way I love your piece on this, I always enjoy reading this blog its so FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH I LOVE, LOVE the way the clothes look very, very simple but yeah I get it, it has the sexy sensation about it YUMMY!!!