Monday, 31 May 2010


KEEP A CHILD ALIVE from nadia chin on Vimeo.

So this was an interesting weekend for me as I was invited to the "Keep a Child Alive" Black Ball I had to share my excitement with my readers YIPPY. Anyway the Ball was amazing and very, very inspiring, and actually had me in tears for the most part, so one had to reside to the bathroom most of the night due to being super emotional, especially when people become very sick and it's out of their control due to being raped or not having the funds for protection, and in the end their health resorts to HIV & AIDS. Alicia Keys had put on this Ball in aid of Keeping a Child Alive, in order to raise awareness and to educate people about the difficulties these people are experiencing. Although there was lots of glitz and glamour fundamentally it was about reaching into those pockets and helping a great cause. Mr Christian Louboutin was there of course, and he had custom made three pairs of his shoes to donate to the charity, and the auctioning price was £15 thousand pounds, some lady is going to be very happy when she gets her shoes, but what's even more fantastic is that the proceeds go to funding medication, although I am a shoe fanatic what is more pleasurable then saving a life!

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