Monday, 24 November 2008

Beyonce Wears Hard body Shades, and Tries to turn Edgy!!!!

B Please!!!!

OK I'm NOT hating????? NO!!!! I'm just confused, because every music video B has looked totally abysmal from Naughty girl, to Sugar Mama, get me bodied, and freak kerm dress, the girls style was like SUPER WHACK... Now she has all of a sudden turned her style around, I mean don't get me wrong she certainly needed to, because the long curly weave, BIG earrings, and five Billion bangles on her wrists wasn't a cutting it anymore, so she was most certainly in the need of a revamp!!! So for me this is a not everything you see Beyonce you must Purchase situation Urrrrg the girl isn't original enough, these Hard body shades DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT suit her and even though the Shades are super Fresh there not for her SORRY LOVE just my opinion. At the EMA'S she wore the Gareth Pugh warrior type Armor dress, which did not look like her type of vibe... I guess her new album is called (Sasha Fierce) she wants to go a bit more edgy, I dunno people I feel like she is trying too hard, and the fact that Rhianna pushed the stakes B is kinda following her a little bit NO??? Hmmm either way I think this new Sasha Fierce look isn't for her and her style of music doesn't go with the dress sense, I feel that edgy doesn't go with "IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULD PUT A RING ON IT" Or "IF I WAS A BOY" NOOOOOOO-WA it's not working for me. I have come to the conclusion as long as Beyonce's Mother continues to have any involvement in her styling it will always look ODD, and B really babes if you are going to wear an Armor type Warrior dress please next time do something with the hair like slick it back and loose the Big Bloody earrings see its evident she isn't edgy otherwise you wouldn't wear GHETTO LOOPED earrings with a dress like that come on B Everyone thinks you are some sort of Trend setter I don't know why, but girl you should and need to know better then that!!!!

Gareth Pugh should have known better!!!!

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Chippy Pangaea said...

I totally agree Clardie. When I saw her in that dress I thought WTF!! Who told her she could pull that off??

I'm loving Beyonce and I get that she is trying a lil sumtin with that Sasha ting, but she has as much edge as a bouncy castle!

Sorry B, but edgy you are not..