Tuesday, 2 December 2008

V is for Vernon Francois....!!!!

Yes you have guessed it, it's the one only Casually Fabulous, Extraordinaire Vernon F.R.A.N.C.O.I.S!!!!
He just so happened to casually appear on my blog, and as one has blessed us with his presence, then one needs to discuss who this Gentlemen is and what he is all about... Art and Creative Director Vernon Francois seems to be the Big Rage on UK Livings TV shows and in England. Originally from Huddersfield the in UK the 22 year old has taken the Hair Styling industry by storm, wining Awards from the age of 17, working with top Stylists in London to create amazing dynamic future forward looks seen on a range of celebrity Stars from Keisha Cole, Beverly Knight, Beyonce Knowels to name a few... Vernon Francois Directs his own Shoots working with new and up coming Artist V V Brown, giving new fresh looks to people who cannot visualise themselves looking in the Words of Vernon "Hot Cute and Fab". Watch out for this amazing young man, and if you haven't heard about him, you have now, for your amazing Blow outs without the handful of that tub of Grease my women of colour Seek the Francois technique and for the European ladies he can do just as a Fabulous job for you too, So Yes Ladies this Young man Specialises in ALL HAIR TYPES... Watch out now!!!!!!

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