Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Roisin Murphy is Toooooo Fresssssssh, But Wait IS THAT????!!!!

Dress BY Gareth Pugh

• Former Moloko singer and fierce fashionista Roisin Murphy will grace the runway for the first time at Alexandre Vauthier's debut couture show in London. NOW this how you wear the Dress Beyonce Knowels Carter, I'm a little disappointed at the fact that Roisin wore her hair out like that, I think it should have been slick off her face, AND OH IS THAT SHINY FLESH TONE TIGHTS SHE IS WEARING?? PLEASE SAY I'M SEEING THINGS???? URRRRGGG if she is Roisin will get the boot in the butt for this!!!!!! Aside from that this is definitely Roisin's Style... But please ladies never wear flesh tone shiny tights it's really not a good look for any women especially if you have big carves.... Roisin Gurrrrl I thought you would have definitely known better I appreciate it's cold outside but the Fashionista name won't stick if you continue wearing those tights Lady, OH and you are my Favourite too I don't want to put you down but you did very WRONG!!!!!

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