Sunday, 1 February 2009

Are Ponchos BACK???? Well MISSONI Say's SO!!!!


On The Street Ponchos

So Ponchos are back, did they ever really leave?? Anyway I don't think everyone can rock one of these, they look super stupid if you are really short, not discriminating shorties as I am short myself, I personally think they look better on taller women us shorties look like we would be carrying a blanket around which isn't a good look!!! What I would do to be taller SIGH...!!!

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Styliiista said...

LMAO! "carrying a blanket around" hysterical! I ♥ the look I ♥ is the one with the sunset backdrop and the girl standing in front of it. Also the one to her left is pretty *fly* too. Great eye my ♥!