Monday, 2 February 2009


Celebrities wearing the 80's Leather & Wet look Skirts

On The Street Style

I had a PVC mini when I was about 14, I thought I was so fresh, I mean I was wearing this skirt ages ago now I was way head of my time. I was going to rummage through my bags and bring the skirt back out, but as everybody else is wearing theirs I think I'm going to keep it where it is for now!!!!


Styliiista said...

This just makes me *smile* remember last time we hung out in London and I had on my paperbag waist black leather joint? lol - oh and you are *SO* funny. The bottom series (image) with the blond chick and the gray sweater with the leather skirt & the braided band on her head, I took that image a few months back from - we are so in the same mind right now! that's why I ♥ ya!! xox!

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