Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pieces My Casually Fab Friends like to Rock!!

Paul Smith London


Steve Madden

What can I say, I have amazing Friends and as well as their great friendships they all equally inspire me in every way!!!
Kwasi Gyasi Founder of MYUber life consultant in lifestyle and Branding, wearing the cream and Jade Green Saddle/Oxfords shoes from British Designer Paul Smith, Kwasi was actually in the Paul Smith Store getting ready to Purchase as I snapped this shot on the good old Blackberry. All I have to say that was a Great Purchase he made, I just wish Paul Smith did them in a girls size SIGH... These Delicious Darlings will set you back a $595 from Paul Smith Soho New York

My Best Friend Vernon F.R.A.N.C.O.I.S is always looking on point, I wrote about him a few posts back Hair Stylist extraordinaire and Creative Director, Wearing Fendi's Lock cuff it's so Amazing the way the lock slots through to keep the cuff closed, this beautiful cuff also comes in a light Tan leather, red, if I remember correctly it came in Yellow too. Vernon's particular one is Charcoal suede leather, this baby will set you back a heavy $600 dollars.
Anna my cute little friend who always say's "Nadia YOU ARE THE BEST" Hee he I love it when she say's that, Anna is Student studying to be a Nurse is out about the City rocking these Studded beauties from Steve Madden, these are nice and reasonable for my pockets right now $99 dollars geez my male friends spend more money on stuff then we do these days I don't know, thought we were in a recession I guess the boys aren't LOL!!!

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