Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana At the Met!!!

After meeting Rih Rih in real life the night before the Met, it was a pleasure and of course I exchanged my details with her because one needs to make her a piece from my own collection which is coming real soon, I got super excited and was like YES she is one of the perfect candidates to wear my line. I think Rih Rih is CAMAZON, she looked just as fabulous in real life as she does on camera. Rih is rocking the Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo suit, which actually looks like one of my pieces I did ages ago, Hmmmm D&G have you been watching me sketch stuff from the past hmmm hmm? Anyway it also looks like a Victor&Rolf suit I guess we are all influenced by each other HUH, but honestly I did our design years ago!!! Watch out for Jada and I Watch out!!!!!

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Styliiista said...

she's a brave risk taker! I <3 it! I met her in real life and she was an absolute sweetie. Genuine. :) She would be perfect to rock your designs, Go Naddds! I can't wait!!! :) xxxx