Monday, 15 February 2010

PORTS 1961 FALL 2010

So I started off Fashion Week slow due to the snowstorm, which almost ruined everything for me, I also had to rearrange my shoe situation due to the snow still being on the ground SIGH!! I kicked off with Ports 1961, a fresh colour pallet with a little edge, fabrics were leathers, crushed metallic, wool's, with some Tweed, and some Sparkly Fabric which I couldn't actually tell from the distance where I was sitting what it was, I wish I had gone back stage to get a closer look, my eyes deceive me at times, Oh and nude Make-up which always works wonders when there's a great use of texture in the line. The hair was down but done in a messy curl. My Favourite was of course the Trench coat, I simply have a thing for the Trench, put it this way you can design it in so many ways, but you cannot take the basic structure away from such a classic jacket, and ladies this Classic coat can also leave room for the imagination if you know what I mean hee he!

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