Monday, 15 February 2010


"Luca Luca's collection was up next, and I was really happy with it. I loved the great use of colour and fabrics, with the likes of silk taffetas, sequins, eggplant chiffon, and tweed all making an appearance. The models make-up had really clean flawless skin, with plum lips and scooped up hair into a messy bun.
Like Ports 1961's collection, which also had a trench coat but used a more conventional trench fabric, Luca Luca took this classic look, and crafted it with silk taffeta. The photograph gives the impression that it is bronze, but in reality, it is more silver. Luca Luca had a romantic girly feel to his line, making me feel like I was in Paris, waiting for my man to come and fetch me with some white roses...! I really enjoyed his show, and it left me feeling all soothed and dreamy inside... I guess it was the Valentines ambiance that contributed to that factor."

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