Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Anastasia Radevich

Montreal-based, Belarusian shoe designer Anatasia Radevich has come up with a new shoe collection which features some fibre optic lights embedded into the body of a shoe, how dope is that! Just when you thought Kanye West, Katy Perry and Rihanna got the lighting situation all up in their attire, Anatasia Radevich decides to build lights into the sides of her amazingly crafted shoes Ahhhhhhh I'm in love all over again. Radevich's Shoe subtle to the point where you could turn off the flat bar switch (embedded inside the top of the boot...) and still have a beautiful shoe mainly because of the heel and platform which are constructed to look like a doodle in the air or some mish mashed curves of a Gaudi building. The fibre optics are also embedded into a mesh panel that is surrounded by a suede upper which again, adds more design to the shoe as a stand-alone shoe as opposed to just a shoe that lights up. In any case, when that switch is on, the fibre optic splay of light is like a cell formation, something more natural, as opposed to the disco/rave antics that light-up or glow-in-the-dark shoes often display (probably because the light doesn't flash on and off...)...
The natural world definitely infiltrates Radevich's work a lot as per her last 'Biofuture' collection though she often delves into the more mysterious side of nature which is why you end up with shapes, textures and THESE fantastically conceived line-art heels that are in the rest of the Kinetik collection. There's something genuinely exciting about seeing her develop a brand of shoes that goes beyond just looking 'pretty' and translating her highly ornate style into something that can go into production. When you have the likes of Chau Har Lee being stocked by Selfridges in their new shoe floor, there perhaps is a certain shoe niche where simultaenously directional and wearable shoe design will be accepted and available to the general public as opposed to just being admired from afar with comments like "Wow, that's ART!". No, these are shoes. Shoes that can go on people's feet. They just happen to have a lot going on and that's reassuring to know despite our collective return to supposed sensible fashion sensibilities.

Some text via susie Bubble

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