Friday, 12 November 2010

Christian Louboutin ME LOVVVVVVEEEE!!!!

I have so many things to say usually, but after meeting Louboutin in real life earlier this year I honestly felt sick and was speechless. Whilst people go crazy over celebrity's and pass out meeting their favourite celeb, I was melting and dying inside when Louboutin and I were conversing. And now I feel even more sick in the stomach when I tried on a pair of pigalili 120mm approximately arch 5 inches Boutique Exclusive, Fall Winter collection the price will set you back three months rent if you live in New York, and two months if you live in London £2195- $3545 Oufff, I think for some of us in this recession it maybe a "NOT EVERYTHING YOU SEE YOU MUST PURCHASE" situation and for the rest, I guess you can always ask your rich Daddy or Husband to buy them, and if you're a women who works very hard go ahead and purchase. They're Camazon and I literally died when I had them on my feet Oufff I may have just purchase them but maybe in a different style of shoe.

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