Saturday, 8 January 2011

Drew Ft Curfew - Whisper

I know it has been a minute, but one has been super busy with new projects, and as I have a spare five minutes I'm going share one of my projects with you. Drew is a brand new Artist I have been working with at the moment, he is a super cool guy to work with, and one is excited to continue working with him as his music project becomes a major deal throughout the year. The idea for wardrobe styling with Drew was to keep it simple, and not go over the top with the clothing, which I think is very important for all new Artists. Now this is only my opinion which I do feel strongly about and most definitely stand by, I think some of the Stylists today have a tendency to OVER STYLE, and do waaaaaaay too much with brand new artists. I guess depending on the artist you obviously can decide where to go with the wardrobe on the basis of their personality and their attitude towards style, most stylist get over happy and plonk sunglasses and hats on the artist straight away, I mean think about it don't you think that it's a little silly considering the fact their brand new into the industry and need to showcase their profile as much as they can so the public becomes familiar with the face wouldn't you agree? Unless the Act is super insecure and doesn't really like to showcase their face I get it, but the more the face is seen the better, the more the Styling is kept simple in the beginning of their career, the more we have room to develop new styles and later keep pushing the mark to create an iconic style/figure. Anyway check out the single/video which should be out around March hope you enjoy ;-)

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